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Order Sell Order (OSO) COMBO and Repeat Order Function

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OSO (Order Send Order)Combo is a order in a series. When the first order is executed, the second order is executed. The Secondary order will not execute until the Primary order is executed.

OSO Combo consists of combination of any two Single Orders.

Example of orders.

Buy below current price and sell(take profit)

This order will buy when the market drops 3% and create sell (Take Profit) of 3%, when the price rises above the buy price. If repeat is enabled, this order will automatically create another buy order 3% below the sell execution.

Instead of using percentages for Limit Price for buy and sell, A user can input an exact price. Remember, a limit buy price must be below current market price and a limit sell price must be above current market price.

Trivia Question

If a user inputs a 1% as a limit buy price and a 3% Limit Sell(Take Profit) with a repeat function. Once the first cycle of the repeat function is complete, where will the next buy order take place, since it is registered as a percentage.


The 1% buy will be placed below the sell execution, not the original buy price, because now the bot is going to open another order, and it will look at the current market price to input the next 1% Limit Buy

OSO Combo TP

Buy Below current price and Sell(Take Profit)with STOP LOSS

Below is a OSO combo of Limit Buy +OCO Sell. We are combining the two orders to create a Limit Buy (Primary Order) with an OCO Sell. The logic is, when the primary is executed, Limit Buy (primary order), then we either want the stop to be executed to sell at a loss or a sell order (take profit).

This Order will Limit buy 10% below the current market price and once the Limit buy is executed it will either sell at a loss of 5% or Take a profit of 3%.

Limit Buy with Stop Loss

Sell/Short above current price, with stop loss, and Buy (Take Profit) when price is below the market price.

This order below will sell/short when the market rises above 10%, once the primary is executed it will either Buy (Take profit from the short order)when the market goes below 3% from the sell order or stop buy if the market rises 5% from the short order, which will make a loss on the trade.

OSO Sell