Iphone Trading App

Trade crypto on iphone, android, and ipad

Trading crypto on iphone, ipad, and android is now available at Muunship Trading. Muunship is the only software application that offers, a combination of multiple exchanges, that allows you to trade bitcoin on iphone and ipad.

Available Exchanges to trade bitcoin on iphone and ipad

Trade crypto on iphone, ipad, and android
Trade bitcoin on Iphone, Ipad, and Android

Mobile trading on Muunship trading app, allows the following features

Trade Crypto on Iphone

  • Drag and drop orders on the charts
  • Trading bots on charts
  • Scaled and Ladders orders
  • Limit orders with Take Profit
  • Stop Loss
  • Trail-stop Orders (coming soon)
  • Trailstop with Take Profit orders
  • Websocket connectivity for executions
  • Create Alerts on charts without typing in numbers
  • Tradingview charts
  • Technical studies on a mobile devices

Muunship mobile trading app are the fastest order entry apps available on a mobile device. A user can input an orders on iphone without having to enter any decimal places. User can see orders history and open orders on the charts.

The app is also synchronized with your desktop device, giving traders the ability to transition between desktop and mobile. Advanced security features include, allowing a user to save keys encrypted on local device or encrypted on Muunship servers.

By using tradingview charts, users have the access to advanced technical charting tools. All technical indicators and drawing tools are saved in the cloud for users to access and make decisions to trade crypto on their iphone devices.

Market scanners are also available on the muunship mobile trading app. Crypto base scanner and high low scanners, can be access via the mobile app. Traders no longer have to be glued to a computer screen to access market scanners. QFL or quick finger luc and candlestick scanners can be accesses via the app.

To install the application on to you device, simply click add to home screen button on the bottom menu of the iphone or ipad device to install the app. Once installed, the Muunship icon will be placed onto your device.