Muunship Order Smart Order Entry Manual

Limit Buy and Limit Sell Orders

Quantity Field

Select Coin to trade

To purchase Exact amount of Coin enter amount.

If you want to purchase based on the available balance at the time of execution, click on the percentage next to coin.

Prompt Field

Select Price Trigger Action to Send Order

Last – When the last trade is enables this order

Bid – When the bid is reach, it enables this order

Ask – When the ask is reach, it enables this order

Limit Buy/Sell Field

Market – When limit price is reached the order is sent as a market order.

Trailing – When limit price is reached the order start a trailing order.

Limit Price Field

Limit Price – Enter the price that you want to execute. This price MUST be less than the current price. Select Percentage is you want to enter the number as a percentage below the current price.

If trailing was selected. Enter the Trail Stop Percentage. When the limit price is triggered, it will start a trailing order.

Author: Muunship Trading

Muunship is a Multi-Chart cryptocurrency trading platform that connects users to the major crypto exchanges. Orders are routed directly to the exchange from your device. Muunship is available as a desktop and an iOS Android appliction for mobile and tablets.

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