Iphone Trading App

First Iphone trading bots app

Apple Iphone and Android Bitcoin Trading app
Apple Iphone and Android Bitcoin Trading app with live bitcoin prices

Muunship trading application allows traders to trade directly on the chart using their iphone trading bots app.

To install the iphone app onto your phone. Visit and click on the add to home screen button on your iphone bottom menu. When selected, iphone will add the app to your home screen, where you will be able to launch the application

Each chart widget has an order entry. Users are able to enter limit, market, and stop limit orders. Stop orders are limited by each exchange. For example, Binance exchange supports stop limit orders, where as, Bittrex exchange does not.

Order Entry Widget

Order entry for trading bots
Trade multiple exchanges from one trading order entry widget

If a limit order is not supported by an exchange, then the order entry screen will white-out the unsupported order types.

There are two percentage scales on the order entry. The red percentage will determine the sellable amount of coins available. The green percentage will determine the buy able amount of coins. A trader is quickly able to click on the percentages, to determine the amount they want to AUTO FILL the amount they want to buy and sell.

The Preview Order button, will open a preview bar right onto the chart. A user can quickly grab the bar and drag it to the determine price that the trader would like to engage in.

The order entry screen also shows the available balance of the amount of coins that can be traded.

Advanced Order Types

Advanced order types available to trade are scaled/ladders orders and Limit/TP orders. Scaled/ladder orders, allow a trader to enter multiple orders onto a chart, without having to enter each order manually. And a Limit/TP orders are orders that are parked on servers, where they are triggered when a prices matches the limit orders conditions.

Muunship application is synchronized across multiple devices. By using advanced UX design, Muunship applications functionality is the same whether you use any of its devices, desktop or mobile. Muunship applications are truly innovative, not only in the crypto markets but in trading general.

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[…] Muunship uses a multi threaded architecture that uses the all of the CPU’s on the users device and each of the threads, to receive data, distributed data, and display data. Thereby removing bottlenecks, and giving users a smooth UX experience. By using such advanced technology, Muunship is able to allow users, add many charts and orderbooks on a single page. Or a user can simple create many layouts and open them on multi monitor setups. […]

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