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5 Altrady free alternative

Altrady is a decent product, but it is very price with very limited functionality. Are there better Altrady free alternative? Below are a list that have gained popularity:

Five Altrady free alternative

  1. Muunship – Manual and Automated Trading Terminal

Muunship is the premiere cryptocurrency trading platform. It give users the freedom to trade manually or using their preconfigured bots terminal. It is served as an app version on iOS and Android and also available via web version.

The best functions of the Muunship is the automated trading bots. The dynamic grid bots automatically buy at the lowest levels of the grids and sell at the highs of the grid.

Muunship also offers additonal bots like QFL Base trading bot and QFL reverse trading bots. These bots are consistently the best trading bots on Along with the best trading bots, Muunship offer smart order routing with over 40 configurations to offer traders the flexibility to automate their day trading pattern behavior. Muunship is the best Altrady free alternative.

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Alternative to Altrady
Alternative to Altrady

2. Pionex

Pionex is a crypto exchange that offers automated trading bots for free. It is the world’s first exchange with built in functionality of crypto trading bots.

Pionex is based out of Singapore. It offers easy to use and fully customizable trading bots for the novice user. Pionex has amassed liquidity for its trading platform by combining orderbooks from Binance and Huobi.

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3. Binance

Binance is the largest crypto trading exchange. Opening an account is easy and setting up trading is also just as easy.

Binance offers multi-chart trading and its newest feature is the grid trading bots. Grid trading bots can be setup similar to Pionex and 3commas. But if you are looking for advanced trading grid bots, then look to Muunship for a comphresive trading application.

binancelogowhite 1

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4. Hypertrader

Hypertrader is a new trading platform that is copied from Tradedash. After tradedash was sold to Bittrex, Hypertrader tried to fill the gap. While initially it tried to build fast, but now the development has slowed to due to lack of innovation. But still is a great alternative to Altrady but with a minor price difference.

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5. Quadency

Quadency trading platform offers most of the Altrady trading platform features. Based out of New York, Quadency is free. Quadency receive commissions from exchanges in exchange for free trading. Although both altrady and quadency do not offer smart order trading, they are trying to emulate other trading platforms as fast as they can.

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Although there is tough competition in the crypto trading platforms. Only one platform seems to offer most features for less. Try for free, the Muunship automated trading terminal, the best free alternative to Altrady.

Trading Bots Strategies and Software Alternate to

Best Alternative to Altrady

Best alternative to Altrady is the Muunship Trading App. Altrady has been around for many years starting as cryptobasescanner. While only focusing on creating QFL scans or base trading scans, Altrady ventured into trading.

Alternative to Altrady
Alternative to Altrady

Best Alternate to Coinigy

Alternate to coinigy was the main focus of Altrady. While copying the functionalities of Coinigy, Altrady started to copy other trading platforms and scans. Starting with coping the scanner from cryptomarketscanner, users were not able to tell the difference between cryptomarketscanner and the Altrady scanner. Eventually with more features available on altrady, users migrated to Altrady.

Altrady was not done yet copy other trading platforms. From the initial copy design of Coinigy, Altrady founder started to copy the design of the Muunship Trading Platform. From the multi layout to the referral system. Muunship created an unique referral system, where users were able to create chart links and thereby those links would be setup as referrals. Altrady founder, took great pride in such a copy feature as was in their message boards.

From drag and drop orders to a movable layout, Altrady was not done yet.

Best Alternate to Hypertrader

A new platform has emerged and the new copy trading app. Hypertrader has been hard at work trying to copy many of the features of Altrady and Hypertrader. While initially hyptertrader built an application very fast, but not new features are very slow to come by. Because it has caught upto the copy crazy and is now left with no innovation. Until Muunship starts to build new features, Altrady and Hypertrader will be stagnant.

Best Alternative to Quantower

Quantower is one that is a unique trading platform. It features very high performance features such as orderbook trading and candle order books reader. It is a new platform with that is trying to make a landscape in the Russian crypto trading markets. While it is generating a lot of publicity, it still lags far behind Muunship Trading platform and the features of the Muunship Smart Order routing.

Best Alternative to Cscalp

Cscalp is leading the russian markets in crypto trading. It features heavy into scalping and order book trading. Many russian trading are using this as their premier trading platform, mostly because it is a free trading terminal and the cost of entry to the proprietary crypto trading application is cheap. While also this trading platform is gaining momentum, it is lacking advanced features that traders need to succeed.

What is the best alternative trading platform

The key to the best trading platform is to have the most advanced market scanners, analytics, and ability to automate trading

Muunship has created the most advanced smart order routing system for crypto trading, giving traders the capability automate their daily day trading routines. This is the most difficult part of creating a trading system, the ability to manage thousands of orders with advanced logic. Below you will find key points in the muunship trading app that is the best alternative to altrady.

Selling Bases
Short Bots using Smart Order feature

Best Alternative to Altrady

  • Server side orders
  • Limit Orders with Stop Loss and Take Profit
  • DCA with stop loss and take profit
  • DCA with Trailing Stop and Trailing Stop Profit
  • Smart Order Builder
  • Initiate and Exit positions based on available balance
  • Send signals via telegram and Tradingview
  • Stocks and Futures coming soon
  • Pre-defined successful bots configurations
  • Marketplace of Verified successful bots

Do you want to be part of a copy trading app or one that innovates. Sign up below for free.

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Advanced Order Types Alternate to Android Trading app Free alternative to tradingview Iphone Trading App Multiple Charts

#1 Free day trading crypto app

Day trading bitcoin is not easy when you have a software application that is not designed for making fast order entry. Fast decision is part of the UX design of a good trading application.

Below is a list of features that are needed for a real time day trading crypto app

  • Fast order entry with entering numbers
  • Change orders by dragging and dropping existing orders
  • Market scanners to find hidden opportunities
  • Multiple Charts on a single page
  • Quote board to see list of hot coins or favorite coins
  • Fast real-time quotes
  • Low processor usage
  • Free form layout for multiple charts
  • Ladder orders
Limit Ladder Orders
Limit Ladder Orders

Muunship’s cryptocurrency application gives traders the ability to enter fast orders, see real-time quotes,

What is the best way to find coins that are good for scalping coins. Muunship market scanners on the app is a great way to find these hidden opportunites.

Coins breaking high, is probably the day trading cryptocurrency market scanners that can be used to find coins that moving in the markets. This is specially helpful when the market is dead or not volatile. You want to buy coins that are breaking highs, as this is the only way to see volume in specific coins.

I personally am glued to the screen to see this hidden opportunity. By linking the markets scanners to the charts, anything a new coin is shown in the results, I click on the name of the coin to change the charts. By doing this, I can scroll thru the list rather fast.

Muunship Market Scanners

Because Muunship trading app uses multi threaded architecture, the charts change very fast, along with the orders books and the trades widgets. You are then able to find the momentum in the coin, but seeing green trades fill the widgets and the orderbooks moving very fast.

This type of scan is currently being used for the stock markets, but it is lacking for Robinhood app. Day traders are using this techinque to make quick scalps and make upwords of a couple of hundreds of dollars in a very fast in and out trade.

Now that this scanner is introduced crypto markets, traders who trade on the Binance exchange or Bittrex exchange, are able to make money. Because the bitcoin markets, require very little capital, it provides traders with very little funds to get started in trading bitcoin and alt coins. Also unlike the stock markets that is subject to heavy regulation and day trading rules, this does not apply to the crypto markets.

This is the reason that day trading crypto has taken off and the bitmex like exchanges are seeing all time high volume. By accessing the exhange API over the web, it has become cost effective for such platforms to now offer very low price or even free to the traders.

Muunship trading platform is currently free for traders on iphone, android, and desktop. Traders are encouraged to take advantage of the free scapling crypto app.

This is the optimal time to trade crypto and Muunship team would like to be part of the success for the crypto community and encourage users to market this platform.

Alternate to Iphone Trading App

Tabtrader Alternate for iOS

Tabtrader alternate is available on Iphone and Android, but trading is only allowed on the Android app. Users are looking for a similar app to tabtrader. Traders want the same features that are available on the Android, for the Apple Iphone iOS.

Apple does not allow third party crypto apps on their devices. Users currently have to use the exchange apps in order to trade on the Iphone. Currently users are using the Binance iOS app, Kucoin iOS app, Bittrex iOS app, or Bitmex app. It really makes it difficult for the users to enter so many different passwords and authentication just to use every app.

Tabtrader Alternate for Apple
Tabtrader Alternate

Tabtrader Alternate

The exchanges app also do not offer many features like advanced technical analysis, easy order entry, visual display of orders, or easy navigation of the app. Also these app do not offer any crypto market scanners. There is a large group of traders that are looking for a crypto base scanner.

While cryptocurrency trading platforms have advanced, but none have been able to tackle the iphone issue. Well luckily, there is one cryptocurrency trading platform that now offers the ability to trade on Iphone. This app is a great alternative to tabtrader.

Trading Bots on Mobile Device

Muunship trading app offers users the ability to trade bitcoin exchanges. It also allows users to create bots on their iphone or android device. Create an infinite amount of bots and monitor right from your phone with live alerts. Trading has never been easy with this multi-exchange platform.

Key advantage over Tabtrader

  • Drag and Drop orders on mobile device
  • Create Ladder Orders
  • Real-time Alerts of trades and prices
  • Monitor Bitcoin and Alt coin data
  • Works on Iphone and Android
  • Compatible with a desktop app
  • Mobile app with tradingview charts
  • 15 Real-time market scanners
  • Create favorites coins list
  • Over 30 bots configurations available
  • Earn a passive income by using auto-trading technology

Thousands are joining muunship every month. Try it free today.

Alternate to Tabtrader for Apple iPhone iOS

Introducing the Muunship Apple Iphone iOS app. This app was just introduced this year to make the ultimate tradingview alternative to tabtrader.

Tradingview charts offers the most advanced technical indicators and trading tools. By using the tradingview library to build the tabtrader alternate, Muunship has created the perfect mobile trading app for any device.

Alternate to Bituniverse Apple iPhone iOS

Muunship mobile app competes for the best alternate to Bituniverse iOS app. Although, the Bituniverse app is a jail break for the apple store, it is not officially recognized by Apple. Installing the Bituniverse is a complicated task because it requires many complicated steps to install the app.

To install the Muunship trading bots mobile app, there is no installation required. Simply, login into the app, and use the add to home screen button to the the icon onto the device.

Muunship is the only mobile app for Bittrex, Binance, Bitmex, and Kucoin that is available to trade on iphone for those exchanges.

3commas crypto trading bots

Muunship mobile app offers 3commas crypto trading bots on its cryptocurrency mobile app. Traders can see 3commas signals live on the Muunship mobile app. This is one of the key advantages of using mobile trading.

Best crypto trading platform

Other advanced features offered by Muunship are market scanners and crypobase scanner. Users are able to find hidden gems by using the market scanners offered on the application. For example, on the iphone, users are able to find coins that are currently breaking highs and lows. This type of information will give the users the depth of the markets and advanced decline of the coins at any given time.

Alternate to Multiple Charts

Multiple Chart Bitcoin Trading Platform

Muunship multiple chart bitcoin trading platform offers a free form charting program. Traders can open multiple charts and orderbooks on a single page, giving them free to custom design their trading layouts.

Multiple chart bitcoin and crypto trading platform
Multi-Chart tradingview alternative trading platform

This unique platform was designed from the ground up from traders and developers working together to create the best bitcoin exchange application. Because of the prices volatility of bitcoin prices and high volume of high frequency trading, this task seemed too difficult.

But our engineers endured to create a direct user to exchange software application. This application has the fastest orderbook updates and tick by tick prices of some of the fastest quotes from exchanges such as Bitmex.

Arbitrage Trading using multiple bitcoin charts

The main advantage of having a multiple chart bitcoin trading platform is to be able to see the prices of different exchanges at the same time. Because of the volatility of bitcoin prices, arbitrage opportunity can be found between exchanges. Traders are able to see the price differences and are able to instantly make trades from within the app, giving muunship traders an edge over any other platforms.Arbitrage trading

Beside bitcoin prices, traders are also able to make additional arbitrage trading opportunity versus other coins across many different exchanges. For example, link coin was trading much fast on Binance exchanges vs Bittrex exchanges. Traders who where able to monitor the prices on both exchanges at the same time, were able to make that opportunity.

Traders who use the Muunship trading platform are the most profitable than any other platform. Arbitrage trading is considered risk free trading, and on the Munnship trading app offers this kind of feature.

Currently the trading application is offered for free. The co-founders will be pricing the app in the third quarter of 2019.

Alternate to

An Alternative to Tradedash

Now that Tradedash has been acquired by the Bittrex exchange, traders are looking for a free alternative to tradedash trading platform. The most popular exchange traded on Tradedash is the Binance exchange. Because of the acquisition by Bittrex, traders are afraid that Binance exchange will be de-listed from the trading platform. By acquiring the tradedash software, Bittrex exchange hopes to implement some of the advanced features of the platform.

There is another alternative to Tradedash, that many traders have never heard off. It is trading platform. Now with the Muunship trading platform, traders have the same features that are available on Tradedash, include, movable layouts, safety and security of API keys, and order entry on the charts.

But there are additional features that the trading app offers that Tradedash did not.

Like the following features that are only available on muunship trading platform.

Free alternative to tradedash with market scanners
Risers and Fallers market base scanner for crypto coins
  1. Drag and drop orders on chart
  2. Trade on mobile phone like Apple iOS, Android, and Ipad.
  3. Ability to add multiple charts on a single layout
  4. Advanced markets scanners like QFL scanners and Davis Theory Box Scanners
  5. Scanners that finds the coins distance from support and resistance
  6. Crypto trading bots that are available on Zignaly, 3commas, and Cryptohopper
  7. Server side orders, like limit with take profit orders
  8. Fat finger catcher
  9. Coin drops
  10. Additional tradeable exchanges like Kucoin and Hitbtc, with many more to come
  11. Advanced bot orders such as stop loss, trail stops, stop limit, and dollar cost average DCA orders.

Many users have already found another option to Tradedash, as the usage of the muunship trading app is currently free to use. With the ability to trade anytime and anywhere on the Muunship app using its mobile trading apps, muunship is gaining momentum in the crypto trading space.

Advanced Order Types Alternate to Iphone Trading App Multiple Charts Trading Bots Strategies and Software

Muunship vs. Competition

What makes Muunship vs. Competition trading application different than the competition.

Websockets Technology – At the core of the muunship vs. competition trading engine is the connectivity used by the muunship backend software design. While http requests are reliable, they are very slow, and input a heavy load on servers, and are only udpated when a user has requested the information.

Http requests are like, when a child in a car that is on a long trip, is always asking their parenets, are we there yet, are we there yet, are we there yet.

Muunship Advantage

Web-sockets are real-time messaging systems, that are always connected to ports from user to the servers. As soon as updates are presented at the server level, those updates are pushed to the end user instantaneously. Thereby, giving users critical information they need to make smart and fast decision.

Data is also connected to the exchanges via web-sockets. User will receive real-time updates of orderbooks, trades, and charts. Exchanges push out tremendous amounts of data to the front-end application. As you will notice, most front end applications, of the exchanges are not able to handle such data. For example, XBTUSD on Bitmex, is the heaviest volume traded contract. But trying to trade on the Bitmex front end application, and you will notice your PC temperature and processor user rising. Trying to enter orders can be difficult, when your PC is max out in processor speed.

Muunship vs Competition. Comparing Tradingview Multichart with Muunship trading application
Create multiple charts and orders book on a single page application

You can also see such problems using Binance exchange front end application. From PC freezing to sluggishness, traders can get tremendously frustrated.

Muunship uses a multi threaded architecture that uses the all of the CPU’s on the users device and each of the threads, to receive data, distributed data, and display data. Thereby removing bottlenecks, and giving users a smooth UX experience. By using such advanced technology, Muunship is able to allow users, add many charts and orderbooks on a single page. Or a user can simple create many layouts and open them on multi monitor setups.

Currently Muunship vs competition is the only trading app that offers multi-chart, multi monitor, and mobile trading without compromise to the users experience.

Alternate to Trading Bots Strategies and Software

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