Dynamic Grid Trading Bot vs Grid Trader Bot from Bituniverse, Pionex and 3commas

What makes the Dynamic Grid Trader Different than other Grid Bots and Learn how you can increase your return with less risk.

Free dynamic grid trading bot on Muunship trading application
Dynamic Grid Bot on 3commas, Zignaly, TradeSanta, Cryptohopper, and Muunship

A Dynamic Grid Trading Bot is when multiple buy orders and sell orders are inputted with predefined price buy levels and profit levels. These are one of the best methods to get more trading activity per capital and constant profit because it places buy and sell traders very close together.

If a volatile chart is chosen that is either trading sideways or slightly uptrending, then this could be a very profit bot. This requires you to find such coins with such charts. But what happens when the coin trades out of range. If the coin has proceeded upwards out of range then, the bot, if not predefined, will not trade.

If the bot has proceed below the buy levels, then you will have a very large position, that has not taken profits because all buys would have been filled. Grid bots that are used on BitUniverse trading app and Pionex exchange, when activated, lock up your funds to trade when you predefine the levels.

The advantage of this, is that when a coin has a fat finger you will get the trades filled immediately ahead of every traders and sell orders can be inputted quickly, taking advantage of the trade. So there are some good benefits and some disadvantages.

Other Grid Trading Bot Options

Alternative you have an offering from Muunship Dynamic Grid Trading Bot. With this bot, you do not have to have predefined levels set in place for the bot to trade. This bot uses algorithms based on the history of the bot and automatically enters a trade when a price level is hit.

This will save your funds from being locked up at the exchange and allow you to trade many more coins. It also keeps you from building a predefined coin selection and distribution the trading activity where coins are active.

Trade the same pair over and over using the Muunship Dynamic Grid Trading Bot, or on TradeSanta, 3commas, Zignaly, and Cryptohopper, Altrady, and Hypertrader

The other advantage is, if the coin trades out of the grid above price level, the Dynamic Grid Trader will follow the coin prices up and keep trading. If the coin goes below price level, the Dynamic Grid Trader will stop trading, until a new grid is formed and will start the trading activity again. It will limit the funds used, allowing you to have a maximum allocation to your capital.

Dynamic Grid trading is different from any other signal trading or technical analysis trading. The goal of the Dynamic Grid Trader is to make very small trades across many pairs over and over, versus Grid Trading from Pionex, 3commas, and Bituniverse, to trade the same pair over and over.

By using the Dynamic Grid trading bot, you are letting the bot do the analysis work for you.

Psychology of Trading

One thing a trader must understand is how to use the Dynamic Grid trading bot. The goal is not to make money on every trade, but it is to make small trades across high volatile coins. To do that, you will have some positions that will be out of value(bags) when you use Grid Trading Style.

What makes Muunship Dynamic Grid trading bot different, it limits your exposure, to each coin, by it stop trading when a coin trades out of range. But when the coin is back in range, the bot will make small profits at lower prices, capturing the losses from the buys accumulated in the previous Grid.

Overall this bot will make your position per pair and value from account profitable, while holding bags. Let me explain below.

If 50 trades provide 2% profit, then your total profit will be 100 points. If a coin goes out of range with 3 active open positions (bags) and the coin has dropped 15% out of range, then your current unrealized loss is 3 trades. With 15% loss on each of these trade which cost you 45 points. So you net points are 55 points positive. You are currently in positive. Also if you do not set stop loss, then there is a possibility for the coin return back to the original price and you will be 106 points positive.

If the coin does not come back to its original position, it is ok. The coin will create a new grid, where the bot will start to become active and start making profits. If the new lower price range is now active and the bot make 20 positive trades with 2% profit on each, then you net profit will be, 95 points.

Headaches can be removed using the Dynamic Grid Trading Bot from Muunship Trading

Most traders have the mentality to make every trade profitable. In order to do so, they will add a very dangerous technique of DCA, of buying more at lower prices hoping for the coin to make move up, so they can recoup the losses. What if the coin does not move up, then you have totally tied up unnecessary funds and increased the risk on your trading activity.

This is not good profitable strategy and definitely not good for mental health, and the last thing you want is to take a loss. If you are going to do this one, then you will do it again and again.

Third Party Anaylsis

Below you will find detailed analysis of the bots. This Analysis has been done by a third party software application called Stoic’s Trading Tool by Marcus Anurelius. You can visit the discord at the address of https://discord.gg/WkwZA43.

Alternative to Hypertrader and Altrady is the free muunship trading application.
Similar to Altrady and Hypertrader is the free muunship trading application.

That is where the Dynamic Grid trading bot comes into place. It is a bot that will provide a good profitable strategy over time with less stress. The bot uses very less balance to trade and it trades hundreds of pairs at a time, thereby diversify your pairs. Give the Dynamic Grid trading bot a three month try and see how your accounts balance grows. Slow and steady wins the race.

Comparison of Trading bots on 3commas and Zignaly and Muunship

These bots are offered at very low price levels, and the bots have been averaging 15% per month.

Top Performing bots on 3commas, Muunship, and Altrady.

This is a totally new way to trade.

Muunship Dynamic trader is available at 3commas, Zignaly,and Muunship.com

#1 Free day trading crypto app

Day trading bitcoin is not easy when you have a software application that is not designed for making fast order entry. Fast decision is part of the UX design of a good trading application.

Below is a list of features that are needed for a real time day trading crypto app

  • Fast order entry with entering numbers
  • Change orders by dragging and dropping existing orders
  • Market scanners to find hidden opportunities
  • Multiple Charts on a single page
  • Quote board to see list of hot coins or favorite coins
  • Fast real-time quotes
  • Low processor usage
  • Free form layout for multiple charts
  • Ladder orders
Limit Ladder Orders
Limit Ladder Orders

Muunship’s cryptocurrency application gives traders the ability to enter fast orders, see real-time quotes,

What is the best way to find coins that are good for scalping coins. Muunship market scanners on the app is a great way to find these hidden opportunites.

Coins breaking high, is probably the day trading cryptocurrency market scanners that can be used to find coins that moving in the markets. This is specially helpful when the market is dead or not volatile. You want to buy coins that are breaking highs, as this is the only way to see volume in specific coins.

I personally am glued to the screen to see this hidden opportunity. By linking the markets scanners to the charts, anything a new coin is shown in the results, I click on the name of the coin to change the charts. By doing this, I can scroll thru the list rather fast.

Muunship Market Scanners

Because Muunship trading app uses multi threaded architecture, the charts change very fast, along with the orders books and the trades widgets. You are then able to find the momentum in the coin, but seeing green trades fill the widgets and the orderbooks moving very fast.

This type of scan is currently being used for the stock markets, but it is lacking for Robinhood app. Day traders are using this techinque to make quick scalps and make upwords of a couple of hundreds of dollars in a very fast in and out trade.

Now that this scanner is introduced crypto markets, traders who trade on the Binance exchange or Bittrex exchange, are able to make money. Because the bitcoin markets, require very little capital, it provides traders with very little funds to get started in trading bitcoin and alt coins. Also unlike the stock markets that is subject to heavy regulation and day trading rules, this does not apply to the crypto markets.

This is the reason that day trading crypto has taken off and the bitmex like exchanges are seeing all time high volume. By accessing the exhange API over the web, it has become cost effective for such platforms to now offer very low price or even free to the traders.

Muunship trading platform is currently free for traders on iphone, android, and desktop. Traders are encouraged to take advantage of the free scapling crypto app.

This is the optimal time to trade crypto and Muunship team would like to be part of the success for the crypto community and encourage users to market this platform.

Trading Bots: Simple and Easy to setup

While there are many sites offer trading bots. There are many complicated information that just seems very confusing, like the words deals, safety orders, and DCA. All different trading bots sites have their own implemented jargon, which confuses traders.

Bots Setup on Charts

Muunship trading platform created bots that you can build directly onto a chart. By using drag and drop features, users can place their limit buy orders and limit sell orders on the chart. This gives the traders the visual ability to see where the buys and sells are placed. Traders can enter their bot orders, right above key support levels or right below key pivot levels.

Available balance restriction

These bots are triggered when prices have match the order prices. So while the order is not active on the exchanges, it does not count against your specific available balance on the exchange. For example, if you are trading on the Binance Exchange, using the muunship trading app, you are able to input unlimited limited buy limit orders and take profit orders. When buy orders are triggered, each sell order that corresponds with the buy order will be triggered and ready for quick profit.

With other apps you can create bots on html web pages, but with Muunship, you are able to create bots right on the charts with the Muunship app. Because Muunship app is mobile friendly you are able to setup and create bots on the charts even on your iOS and Android device, while sun bathing on a beach.

Trading bots on charts with drag and drop orders
Creating Bots on Charts

Simple and easy to setup

One of the keys features that Muunship trading platform offers, is the market scanner. The market scanners shows support/base and resistance level. Within the scanners area, are time frames that you can select to which you can place your bots strategies on.

A good trading strategy is to buy at key support levels. By looking at the base levels on the scanners, you can see how far is each coin away from its base. You can further filter the scanner, by percentage levels. This can eliminate many coins and narrow your focus on a few selected coins. By linking the RAF widget to the charts, you can quickly click thru the charts.

The charts can be further filtered, by adding the coins list to the favorites tab. This will help the trader organize their coin list, and will make trading bots, simple and easy to setup.

Now its decision time. Use the variety of ways you can setup the trading bots. Using the same menu as the scaled ladder orders, the bots can be placed right onto the charts. Bots can be visually on the charts, now planning out your strategy can be more simple.

One of the key features of the app, is where the hidden orders of your bots are placed on the charts. So if you feel that market conditions have changed, you can see where the orders are and simply make any adjustments of the orders. There is not need to assume where the orders are or placed. If you need to cancel the orders, just click on the X of each order.

Muunship trading platform is evolving into the next generation platform. Additional information on Limit Take profit orders can be found here.

Easily create trading Bots on chart

Trading bots on chart platform is starting to advance into a more sophisticated order entry trading platform.

Starting July, Muunship has started to automate the trading process for traders, using crypto bots. Crypto bots are processes that run on the backend of trading servers, that are connected 24/7 to crypto exchanges. By watching prices of crypto exchanges in real-time, these crypto bots are able to execute orders on pre-defined conditions entered by the trader.

One of the advanced type of automated orders offered by Muunship are Limit TP orders. These are orders that are parked on the Muunship servers via websockets. By parking the orders on the Muunship servers, the orders are not sent to the exchange until the prices match the pre-defined criteria. Also by parking orders, the available balance is never used against the traders. Traders can add as many orders on the servers, allowing the trader the capability to trade more with less funds. Available balance is never actually counted against the traders until the orders is actually sent to the exchange.

Limit TP orders on the Muunship Trading Platform

Muunship servers are using the same technology as high frequency trading systems. The websockets technology, allows the push messages of prices sent to the Muunship servers in millisecond time. Muunship servers, using the powerful Google Cloud infrastructure, are able to look at thousands of prices, and are able to send thousands of orders within millisecond time to the exchanges, thereby giving traders an advantage of other trading platforms.

Ladder Orders

Limit TP orders, are combination of a conditional limit orders that rest on the Muunship servers. When a price is triggered, the traders buy order is sent to the exchange. Upon confirmation of an executed buy order, a limit sell order is automatically sent to the exchange for a buy and sell profit.

Fat Finger Trade Chart

Fat Finger Trading bots on charts
Fat Finger Traders

Because Muunship trading bots on chart platform is using the same technology as high frequency automated systems, users can now enter many orders across multiple exchanges and coin markets. One of the types of trading techniques is to use this technology to capture fat finger trades. Fat finger trades are trades where a liquidation orders is sent by a computer or user error, causing a massive spike in the price of a coin either downward or upward.

Entering many orders well below the market prices of coins, users can try to take advantage of muunship technology to capture price disruption.

Another use of Limit Take profit orders is to use for barcode trading. Barcode trading is when a coin fluctuates between two similar prices over and over. By using Limit TP orders, traders can enter multiple layers of orders therby taking advance of parking orders on the Muunship servers and entering sells orders, automatically.

BarCode Trading Chart

Barcode traders bots on charts
Barcode traders on charts

Muunship vs. Competition

What makes Muunship vs. Competition trading application different than the competition.

Websockets Technology – At the core of the muunship vs. competition trading engine is the connectivity used by the muunship backend software design. While http requests are reliable, they are very slow, and input a heavy load on servers, and are only udpated when a user has requested the information.

Http requests are like, when a child in a car that is on a long trip, is always asking their parenets, are we there yet, are we there yet, are we there yet.

Muunship Advantage

Web-sockets are real-time messaging systems, that are always connected to ports from user to the servers. As soon as updates are presented at the server level, those updates are pushed to the end user instantaneously. Thereby, giving users critical information they need to make smart and fast decision.

Data is also connected to the exchanges via web-sockets. User will receive real-time updates of orderbooks, trades, and charts. Exchanges push out tremendous amounts of data to the front-end application. As you will notice, most front end applications, of the exchanges are not able to handle such data. For example, XBTUSD on Bitmex, is the heaviest volume traded contract. But trying to trade on the Bitmex front end application, and you will notice your PC temperature and processor user rising. Trying to enter orders can be difficult, when your PC is max out in processor speed.

Muunship vs Competition. Comparing Tradingview Multichart with Muunship trading application
Create multiple charts and orders book on a single page application

You can also see such problems using Binance exchange front end application. From PC freezing to sluggishness, traders can get tremendously frustrated.

Muunship uses a multi threaded architecture that uses the all of the CPU’s on the users device and each of the threads, to receive data, distributed data, and display data. Thereby removing bottlenecks, and giving users a smooth UX experience. By using such advanced technology, Muunship is able to allow users, add many charts and orderbooks on a single page. Or a user can simple create many layouts and open them on multi monitor setups.

Currently Muunship vs competition is the only trading app that offers multi-chart, multi monitor, and mobile trading without compromise to the users experience.

Entering Scaled Ladder Limit Orders

Scaled/Ladder orders are orders that you can quickly place at multiple level directly onto the chart. It is frequently used in the QFL method by Luc and traders who trade this style.

This type of orders also let you to DCA (dollar cost average price) your orders. Meaning the more you buy lower, the lower your purchase price will be, thereby allowing you to sell at a lower price than you originally thought and by still making the same profits.

On the Muunship Trading app, you are able to enter hundreds of orders at a time. The trading application will automatically place orders, in a sequence, so that the exchange rate limits are followed and allowing you to be free of such frustration as a trader, as to having your orders rejected.

All orders when entered, will also automatically abide by the amount minimums of each of the exchange.

To enter an order, first, click on the Order Entry Scaled field.

Next enter the amount of orders that you like to place. You can also left click on the order count field and use your mouse wheel, to increase or decrease the amounts.

Now you have 4 options

A flat order selection will enter the same amount value at each level.

An upscale selection will scale the amount values at a ascending amount

A downscale selection will scale the amount values at a descending amount value

A custom field will allow to set the scale at each level by entering the amount value for each numbers.

Next click on the percentage scale. The red scale is for value of sells amount. The green scale is for the value of purchase amounts.

By clicking on the percentage, it will automatically fill in the fields, for Value of the coins that you would like to purchase or sell.

Next click on Preview, and you will see the Order preview right onto the charts. The order bars will be colored in Orange. Simply next drag and drop the orders at the price levels desired.

After moving the orders at your desired prices, click on Buy or Sell, and your orders will be routed to the exchange at an instant.