Best ways to save Crypto App API Keys

API Keys Safety and Storage

Muunship gives you options to save your keys. The staff at Muunship has put a lot of thought into many different use cases of API keys. This crypto trading application is the only application that provides these benefits.

  1. Locally on your device – By saving keys encrypted on your device, no one has access to these keys except thru your device
    1. With 2FA authentication enabled, if a hacker tries to access your Muunship trading account, remotely, they will be required to enter 2fa.
    1. Device Pin or Password – A hacker will need your device pin or password in order to hack into your account if your device is stolen.
    1. Encrypted Key – Your keys are encrypted on your device. The keys cannot be accessed with your login and password.
  2. Muunship Servers
    1. Keys are stored encrypted on Muunship Servers. Even Muunship staff are not able to unencrypt your keys
    1.  By saving your keys on Muunship servers, a user is able to use the Muunship app at work or other devices, without entering keys on the untrusted device.
    1. 2FA authentication is used for additional security when using untrusted device
    1. All other crypto apps require you to download software and enter your api keys. It is dangerous if a key logger is installed at work or an untrusted device.
  3. Social Login
    1. 2FA authentication
    1. Remote Lock thru Social – If your device is stolen or lost, by using social login, your password can be changed from anywhere, thereby disabling your app on the device that was stolen.

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